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Founded in 1958 and located in Yangzhou City of Jiangsu province, our company is a professional manufacturer in making mechanical machines as well as a national&hi-tech enterprise, one of the leading enterprises in China NC sheet metal processing equipment production base.

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  • YS2/YS2A Series Straight Side Two-point Press

    Long stroke, big area bloster Be installed robots, and set as a tandem press line Main Structure Features Long stoke, high rigidity, high precision and stability H-type frame inclubles three parts: crossbeam, prights and base Eccentric gear structure, arg

  • JH21 Series C-type Frame Fixed Table Press

    C-type frame, Convenient to operate. High strength body, Less deformation. The JH21 series C press is with dry clutch and hydraulic overloading with steel welded body and good rigidity. This C frame power press has six guide rail slides, which has a long and high precision to prolong its life s

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    NO1, HuaGang road, Yangzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Jiangsu, China
FSB Powder Metallurgy Molding Machine Main Structure Features FSB Powder Metallurgy Finishing Machine is transformed? From Yadon’s JH21 series press machine. It can precision mold different kinds of shaft sleeve type, straight parts, tooth shape parts, and belt wheel parts, with high precision and good consistency. Good rigidity because of high quality steel plate welding fuselage; Slider six sides guide, guide long and high precision, can prolong the service life of mould; Dry type pneumatic friction clutch, small noise, convenient maintenance; Hydraulic overload protection device, overload automatic emergency stop, protect the security of the press and die, easy to use; Thick oil lubrication system with oil alarm function, to ensure the machine run smoothly; PLC central control, has the abrupt stop, inching, single, continuous operation specification; Optional photoelectric protection, transmission output shaft, wheel feed, automatic feeding device; Configure the servo motor positioning system according to the customer’s demand.
FSA Powder Metallurgy Finishing Machine Main Structure Features FSA finishing machine introduces the finishing technology of powder metallurgy products of domestic and overseas. It’s a new type of high performance special powder metallurgy machine developed together by YADON and JAPAN MIE. FSA finishing machine adopts typical crank connecting rod mechanism transmission, precision sliding block guide, and independent special die set, to ensure the machine can perform to the highest standards with proven reliability. It also can achieve pressurization delay function, to ensure the high precision and good consistency of products. Easy to install and adjust the mould, can achieve two work types: up mandrel or down mandrel. Using the combination of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic, Straight-line front-rear robots can easily achieve feed, feeding, finishing, discharging. Various security insurance device and detection device lead to safe and reliable operation; Pressure indicating device can monitoring display product’s finishing pressure peak, and Set high and low finishing pressure alarm signals. The action is quick and reliable with using combined friction clutch brake. Electric system is controlled with imported PLC programmable controller, which adopt imported frequency converter to control travel times, with stop, inching, single, continuous operation specification. Main electric components are international brands, with superior performance, and reliable quality. Can add additional functions in accordance with customer requirements.
FPC Efficient Precision Powder Molding Machine Main Structure Features Use floating mould base, which could be disassembled separately. With the oil-immersed design, the drive part is under the body, low gravity center, good stability. The drive part is inside the machine to isolate dust, with good sealing, low consumption, low failure rate. Each lubrication point has been oiled by forced lubrication system instead of grease ( Except the mould base ), easy to clean and maintain. Pull out the demould and fix the position, easy to operate. Uprush stroke is drived by cam. It extends the filling time of dust and improve the effect of filling. When pressing, there is a design with 15° steady pressure. Adjust separately the pressing. It is convenient to adjust the density of the steps. All ( upper-pressure, filing, pulling out, pressing ) are showed by displayer. The crystallized ability of middle mold and mandrill. Real-time monitoring of pressure, monitor the quality. Adopt composite pneumatic clutch, brake, with high speed and safety.
YHQ2 Finishing Machine Main Structure Features Highly rigidity frame with less deflection Using the double-point crank placed horizontally structure, strong anti-bias load capacity. The slide guiding long, high precision. The slide rail lubrication using oil lubrication circulation lubrication, machine heat, and its economic environment. High production efficiency. Applies to forging equipment in the hot and cold state forging burr cut or punched, but also for pre-bending and forging billet, steel ingot upsetting and forging corrective work.
YSH300 NC High-speed Three-point Press Line Main Structure Features Designed by Japanese technician. Precision standard is btter than JIS-B-6402. Has three points and long slide guild. Separated structure and high rigidity cast-iron frame. Four colum high rigidity linear bearing guides dynamic balance system, with low vibration and low noise. Hydraulic locking deivce for adjustment rods, ensuring the precision of bottom dead center. Die height adjustment accuracy reaches 0.01mm. Forced lubrication system, automatic temperature control system and using the thermal compensation technology to control the position of bottom dead center in high precision. Touch sreen.
FSP Series High Precision Powder Compacting Press Main Structure Features The compacting press is a mechanical crank connecting rod type of hydraulic pressure assisted powder forming machine; It is a high strength steel plate welding structure with stable mechanical structure toughness, good rigidity and high precision as well as stable production quality; The compacting press has the ability of mold and mandrel step forming; Using the touch screen control, improving the operation. With a various fault description and easy trouble shooting, the compacting is easy to maintain; It has the modular floating frame, which can be disassembled independently; Combined pneumatic clutch and brake make the compacting power press machine has fast response speed with high safety.
YS1/YS1Z Series Straight Side Single Crank Press H-type frame, High rigidity. Improve quality and stability. Main Structure Features High accuracy, reach JIS-Grade1. Straight side structure and high rigidity steel-welded frame. High precision, 8-side long guide rail. Dry type pneumatic clutch-brake unit. Imported safety dual-solenoid valve for clutch. High sensitive HOLP. Automatic oil cycle lubrication system. FDI (Frequency Drive Inveter). PLC System. Optional Components: Output shaft, air cushion, slide knockout device, automatic feeder, etc.
YC1 Series Single-crank High-precison Press High Accuracy, Low Noise. C-type frame, high strength crank and connecting rod. YC1 series single-crank high-precison press has the features of high rigidity frame, high precision processing, lower noise. Equipped with color display device, all kinds of lights, counter, and production information, alarm information, maintenance information, improve operability. Advanced design, transmission center and machine center consistent; balance cylinder device makes the slider die run more smoothly; Screen display, crank position at a glance,locked type six-side long rectangle guides, bottom size of slide can be changed according to customers' requirement, This machine has different sizes and customers can choose different tonnages. Main Structure Features High rigidity frame High precision processing Lower noise Less synthetic clearance Locked type six-side long rectangle guides Less bending of die height, less deviation of kinetic energy Less punching deformation Convenient operation

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