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ultrasonic tube sealing machine
ultrasonic tube sealing machine

1. Easy to operate and maintain.

2. Automatic positioning, welding, cutting and trimming, printing code in one time.

3. Stainless steel machine body, strong and beautiful looks,

4. The machine small enough to be put on worktable.

5. Sealing mould can be customized according to customer requirements. Can seal many size of tubes.

6. Ultrasonic Sealing Machine power source for the pneumatic, working steady, not easy to damage, customers can rest assured use.

7. Ultrasonic frequency can meet international standard, no harmful to human being or environment

8. Ultrasonic Tube Sealer can be work in time, not need wait the heat time.

Product Parameters

Items Parameter
Model HX-007
Power supply AC220V/50Hz
Ultrasonic power 1500W
Frequency 20Khz
Tube length 50-250mm
Tube diameter 10-50 mm
G.W 115KGS
Machine size 850×600×650mm

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