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Ultra HD Image X-Ray Foreign Matter Detector For Food
Serving for food safety deserves most advanced technology
My features can be concluded as “SUPER”  “HIGH” “SHARP”
1. SUPER--- Super Big Data Processing System
Multi-core IPC+ FPGA + GPU jointly calculation, super data processing ability ensures the high efficiency detection of foreign matter.
2 HIGH---- High steady machine structure and configuration
Full airtight machine chamber equipped with industrial AC, ensure lone time steady and reliable running in high/low temperature environment
New anti-electromagnetic interference technology, avoid environment influence and guarantee better machine performance
3 SHARP----- Sharp image integrated system
New image processing technology makes image details display sharply
Unique foreign matter detecting algorithm, guarantee the perfect detecting ability of foreign matter
Top-level imported high resolution X-Ray sensor achieves highest detecting accuracy in X-ray detection industry, 0.1mm diameter metal ball/wire can be easily detected out.
Extensively applied in the detecting of fish bone, milk powder, meat powder, meat, nutrition powder, high-end snack food etc.

Mode SS-X8084SSF-M2
Sensitivity SUS Ball ≥φ0.1mm, SUS wire ≥φ0.1*2mm
Inspect size Width≤ 220mm,Height≤100mm
Conveyor width 430mm
Dimension 920(L)* 1200(W)* 1870(H)mm
Net weight 350 kg
Load 8 kg
X-ray output 350W, max 80kV* 8.0mA
Conveyor speed 0-30 m/min (adjustable)
HMI Main screen: 28 inch 4K HD display
Assistant screen: 17 inch LCD touch screen
X-ray leakage <1μSv/h
Protection level Transmission IP66, others IP54
Power supply Single phase AC220V±10%,50/60Hz,2kW
Operating surrounding Ambient temperature:0 - 40℃,relative
humidity:30-85℃,but no condensation,no freezing,upheaval.

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