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SFSP Series Fine Hammer Mill

Grinding system SFSP hammer mill for layer chicken feed

Features of hammer mill for layer chicken feed:

-We adopt the progressive technological programs, well-designed;

-Hammer room like droplet, it can effectively eliminate material run into this room.

-Optimize the arrangement of knives, adjust the gap between knives and sifters.

-Many precision testings to insure equipments running smoothly and reduce noise, optimal performance.

-Creative hammer process with low power, the twice hammer structure like "W", it can enhance the rubbing action, then reduce the power it needs, increased production of 25%,

-Movable and opened operation door, new modal of sifter install tool, make the operation humanistic and convenient.

-Critical components are imported, their service life is longer, maintenance cost is also cheap.

-Carbide bit sifters with special processing.

Technical Parameters of hammer mill for layer chicken feed:

Model 120*40 120*50 120*60 120*80
Capacity 11-22t/h 18-33t/h 24-40t/h 38-55t/h
Power 75/90KW 90/110KW 132/160KW 200/220KW


The hammer mill for layer chicken feed is designed for crushing materials like corn, durra, bean and wheat, etc. And the hammer mill is widely used in feed industry, grain industry, etc. The pulverizing machine can grind many different kinds of raw materials efficiently.

Liyang Yuda Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing hammer mill, poultry hammer mill, livestock hammer mill, feed grinding machine, etc.

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